History of Jungle luxury – An Overview of Jungle luxury Brand Activities from 2015 to Present – Introducing Products from Design and Production to Packaging and Presentation to Customers.

The role of a tie in the style of men!

Although the tie is one of the smaller accessories, it is undoubtedly used in men’s fashion. In fact, with the use of a tie, you can have a positive effect on people, in addition to being well-dressed.

Take a look at the popular brands in the fashion world!

The use of well-known brands today is increasingly influenced by clothing selection and style. Attention to detail in the selection of accessories is one of the most important topics in the fashion world especially for men. Undoubtedly the tie is one of the accessories that complements the style and overall appearance of the men. Amidst the world of global brand competition, the domestic brand of Jungle Lacquer has made a lot of noise in Iran by producing polymer tie for the first time.
Although later copied copies of the product under a different name came to market at a very low price, it was not well received due to the lack of good quality.

Jungle luxury brand replaces Hex Tai brand in Iran!

Since nowadays it is not possible to import products with different brands in Iran, including original HEXTIE brand products, JUNGLE LUXURY brand products are one of the most popular production products by offering the highest quality and luxurious packaging. It is considered an interior.
It is important to know that Jungle luxury Interior Designer, after nearly three years of activity, has expanded its activities to attract fans and buyers of these products due to the wide popularity of its products.

Tie the first and foremost effective accessory for men to attend assemblies!

Undoubtedly dealing with people, especially for the first time, is the first thing that attracts the opposite person’s opinion. Because using it in a way identifies you and represents your personality.
Among the variety and large number of tie-ins available in the market, Jungle luxury men’s tie is one of the most popular products among Iranian youth. The high demand for this product has made it available in over 40 spectacular designs, suitable for different tastes and special people.
Among the tie-ups offered by the brand, 3D polymer tie-ins are in high demand from buyers.
It is interesting to know that although the three-dimensional polymer tie was first designed and manufactured by the Hex Tai brand in 2014, the Jungle luxury brand using the highest quality imported materials and the most renowned Iranian designers has started producing these tie-ups in Iran. And then distribute and market this product under the brand name Jungle Lacquer.
Need to know Jungle luxury brand is the first manufacturer of modern polymer accessories in Iran with the largest dedicated design and production team.