Bow tie

Like a tie, a bow tie is one of the most popular and important men’s accessories.

The bow tie can easily differentiate your style in public places, and according to the formal look it gives you is one of the best choices for gentlemen at weddings, parties or even awards such as art awards.

However, using a bow tie for political or business style is not recommended.

History of bow tie

The history of bow tie goes back to the 17th century and the use of French soldiers around the neck like a bow tie. But the first bow tie in its modern series dates back to the 19th century.

Types of bow tie

Like a tie, a bow tie does not only contain one design, but also has a variety of designs, from the look to the type of wrap around the collar. Below we will introduce you to all types of bow tie.

Classic Bow Ties That Need To Be Tied (The Self-Tie)

This bow tie is suitable for people who are passionate about fashion and devote more time to their style as they need to consider the time to tie it.

The bow tie is tied

This model of bow tie comprises a main section, the tie-down tie and has two adjustable straps that lock together.

Locked bow tie or clamp

This bow tie has no straps and no need to fasten it and only needs to be attached to the collar.

New generation bow tie

The next-generation bow tie is a band of clip-on bow tie that uses acrylic polymers instead of fabric, used in Jungle Luxury tie straps, giving the space between bow tie pieces a unique and unmatched beauty. This new style has distinguished it from all types of bow tie that has been available in history.

They are available in two models including four matte black, glossy black, silver mirror and gold mirror in the Jungle Luxury store.

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