Although the tie is one of the smaller accessories, it is undoubtedly used in men’s fashion. In fact, with the use of a tie, you can have a positive effect on people, in addition to being well-dressed.

Tie is one of the key accessories for men’s style and in some cases for women.

Take a look at the history of the tie

The French were the first nation to use tie, so they call it France, the land of tie.

Before the French, it was the Romans who used the tie, but the name was not tie.

In his book “A Brief History of Bosnia”, British researcher Noel Malcolm believes that “the tie was first taken from Iran to Europe during the Sassanid era”.

These Iranians were followers of Mani and used a cloth in front of their clothing to distinguish themselves from others, but in contemporary history the Croats were taken to France and because of linguistic differences, the name became a tie.

It was received more attention and introduced to the world by its neighbor France, England.

Size of tie’s

Fabric ties are produced in different sizes from 6cm to 12cm and can be adjusted according to consumer needs.

Ties are transversely divided into three standard, slim and skinny models;

one can choose the right size depending on the collar model, body shape, position and how to use it.

Introduction and History of the New Generation Ties

Polymer tie and bow tie are a new generation of men’s and women’s accessory introduced in 2014 by the American brand in fashion and fashion.

In these products, instead of textiles, beautiful polymer pieces are used.

These pieces are pressed on both sides on a flexible glass layer.

The space between the pieces makes the tie more beautiful and makes the color of the dress part of the tie.

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